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InstaFave Friday: Wide Open

FilmInstaFave Fridayinstagram September 9, 2016

Getting to the weekend and wide open options.

indiefilmlab_yanpalmer @yanpalmer

indiefilmlab_ggabriella @ggabriella

indiefilmlab_beefowl @beefowl

InstaFave Friday: Sail away

FilmInstaFave Fridayinstagram September 2, 2016

@_zitounah and all the beauty he’s making on Portra400 is fuel to the fire for a little wanderlust. Enjoy!







InstaFave Friday: Recap from this week (and crazy grateful)

FilmInstaFave Fridayinstagram August 26, 2016

It’s rad share all the posts tagged #indiefilmlab each week over on the awesome Instagram. But leaning back in our chair and taking in all those squares full of images is not shy of overwhelm. Wow — how crazy grateful are we to process, pass along and share in this with so many of you one frame after another. Recapping this week alone as a reminder.


IndieFilmLab_@cathrinetaylor @cathrinetaylor

IndieFilmLab_ @alveoli_photography @alveoli_photography

IndieFilmLab_@yanpalmer @yanpalmer

IndieFilmLab_@anggapermanaphoto @anggapermanaphoto

InstaFave Friday: Just keeps getting better

FilmInstaFave Fridayinstagram August 19, 2016

Last week’s faves were full of figures that pair up beautifully for life. We’re back with a few more frames that captured our heart.










Artist Spotlight: Angga Permana

Artist SpotlightFilm August 16, 2016

Angga Permana

Angga Permana tends to work and life in the so-called paradise island of Bali, Indonesia. His hometown, the wedding capital of the world, provides easy access to clients and magnificent backdrops of dramatic cliffs, sparkling sunsets and waterside scenes—a photographer’s dream. His images beam with vivid tones and sun-kissed contrast. However, it’s the passion behind capturing much more that Angga survives on as an artist. He began with a camera in high school, and after five years as a professional in his beautiful city, it’s the moments he anticipates through the lens and the trust of others with such instances that inspire his work the most. Settle in for a little vacation via screen this week and follow along with us and Angga on our feed.




IFL – How did photography become a part of your life?
AP – I started my photography when I was high school, shooting photos for family and friends. After that, like going with the flow, I found my self falling in love to capture the moment that happens right in front of me. Becoming a photographer for someone to trust you and your passion is a really amazing gift from God.


IndieFilmLab_Angga Permana01

IndieFilmLab_Angga Permana02


IFL – What/who/where gets you inspired?
AP – Family, Friends, Home, Nature all that aspect really inspired me in to life of photography

IFL – Why film?
AP – Film is unique. Film is mystery. Film makes you more interested to capture a moment. From my perception, film has an amazing part that can make someone interested to more know about your work.


IndieFilmLab_Angga Permana07

IndieFilmLab_Angga Permana08

IndieFilmLab_Angga Permana09


IFL – o you have a favorite geographical place to shoot?
AP – I love to shoot at the beach with the edge of the cliff of course with a lovely sunset there.

IFL – What’s your favorite film stock?
AP – I shoot Kodak Portra 400 and Fujifilm Pro 400H

IFL – Any challenges you find in being a film photographer? Or supporting yourself as an artist?
AP – I think in this era nothing will challenge you to become something you want to be. If you have a passion in yourself and believe in what you do, you can be what you want. We can really easily access all the information we want and we need.


IndieFilmLab_Angga Permana03

IndieFilmLab_Angga Permana04

IndieFilmLab_Angga Permana05


IFL – If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be doing?
AP – I think I will have Bike Store / Film Camera Store Dealer.

IFL – What other art forms or artists are you drawn to?
AP – I think collecting film camera and vintage bike are my other art forms.


IndieFilmLab_Angga Permana06

IndieFilmLab_Angga Permana13

IndieFilmLab_Angga Permana14


IFL – Favorite moment/or one of favorites you’ve ever captured?
AP – Everything I capture are my favorite moments. I love my work and what I do when I am behind the camera.

IFL – Any gear secrets you’re up for sharing?
AP – I don’t have any secret gear, I always shoot with my Contax 645 and my Leica MP.

IFL – Do you travel often for work? What does your everyday look like when not traveling?
AP – I’m Based in Bali, the most popular wedding destination in the world, so I do not travel often. I shoot here in Bali 4-5 weddings a month. Yes, I love do traveling also if I have overseas work. At home, I love play with my kid and I love cycling.


IndieFilmLab_Angga Permana11

IndieFilmLab_Angga Permana12



What makes you feel awesome?
If someone trust me to capture their life time moments and they really like with the result. It’s make me feel good. Of course music, good weather when I’m shooting photos, great sunset light and good food after finish the photo session.

Favorite thing about your current home/town.
Bali is most exotic and beautiful place. I am really blessed to be born at this paradise island. My favorite thing here is the food and the people.

Food you love.
I love to eat traditional food in Bali.

Do your family/friends think photography is cool or nerdy?
Before they think is just like hobby and now the think photography has a good income. :)

More of Angga’s work here:
Website –
Blog –
Instagram – anggapermanaphoto

InstaFave Friday: Better Together

FilmInstaFave Fridayinstagram August 12, 2016

A lot of great people (and friends of all types!) fill up our days and lives. Go on and give them a hug or ten, alright?

IndieFilmLab_@softartphotography @softartphotography


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IndieFilmLab_@benisrad @benisrad

InstaFave Friday: Get on out there

FilmInstaFave Fridayinstagram August 5, 2016

Have y’all caught site of @lau_bach ‘s feed full of glimpses of her adventures and dreamy double exposures. Check it out if you need a little daydream or point in a new direction for travel.










InstaFave Friday: Afterthoughts

FilmInstaFave Fridayinstagram July 29, 2016

A few (uh, stunning) afterthoughts from portrait sessions.

IndieFilmLab_@mattydrolette @mattydrollette


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InstaFave Friday: Hello, weekend!

FilmInstaFave Fridayinstagram July 22, 2016

The sun might as well be on Earth with us in Alabama this week. Hello, July and hello weekend!




InstaFave Friday: Ode to Summer

Filminstagram July 15, 2016