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Fuji FrontierMagazinePublished November 12, 2015

Get your hands on a copy of Southern Weddings’ newest release. Here’s a sneak peek at a real wedding from our client Ryan Ray and a feature photographed by our client Nancy Ray. Plus, there’s a pig! Thursday doesn’t need much more.

IndieFilmLab_SWV8_RyanRay01IndieFilmLab_SWV8_RyanRay02 IndieFilmLab_SWV8_RyanRay04


IndieFilmLab_SWV8_RyanRay05Photography by Ryan Ray


IndieFilmLab_SWV8_NancyRay06 IndieFilmLab_SWV8_NancyRay08 IndieFilmLab_SWV8_NancyRay09 IndieFilmLab_SWV8_NancyRay10

Photography by Nancy Ray

FilmFuji FrontierNews January 3, 2014

Well, 2013 is a wrap and its been a fantastic year here at the lab.  We have gone through some changes, got to see and do some exciting things, and best of all, we had the privilege of working with some of the best artists in the business.

From driving across the country in an RV, to making a documentary about film and why we shoot it, to moving into a new location, to getting all new processors, 2013 has been good to us.

Some of the things we are excited about coming up this year are:

  • IFL heading out to Las Vegas for WPPI in March
  • We are now entering the beta stage for 4×5 processing and scanning
  • New dip and dunk processors
  • We are still growing our team and loving film more than ever

With these new processors, we are excited that turn around times will be speeding up in the near future.

Thank you to all of you for being patience in this time of growth.

For information about 4×5 processing and scanning, drop us a line with the subject “4×5″ to




We use Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper.

FilmFuji FrontierPrintingreview August 11, 2011

This video is mainly about how we LOVE Hahnemuhle fine art paper… I have been printing on this paper for 4 years, LOVE it, especially when I’m Printing one of my Film shots. They go hand in hand. I also wanted to show how big you can print with a large 35mm scan from us ( the ex large scan is even bigger ). Although Im confident you can print bigger with no issues. Just Check out the video wuld ya. :) Hit me up if you have any questions or want a sample print..