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InstaFave Friday: Solo

FilmInstaFave Fridayinstagram December 2, 2016

Flying solo doesn’t have to be lonely.

indiefilmlab_aidahadid @aidahadid

indiefilmlab_galereeves @galereeves

indiefilmlab_kirstensciberras @kristensciberras

indiefilmlab_organiconcrete @organiconcrete

InstaFave Friday: Week of Goodness

FilmInstaFave Fridayinstagram November 4, 2016

It was a week of goodness on @indiefilmlab feed. Thanks for all the love.Keep tagging your posts. Scroll-stoppers welcome.

indiefilmlab_caseyleephoto @caseyleephoto


indiefilmlab_kristinaadamsphoto @kristinaadamsphoto

indiefilmlab_santishootsfilm @santishootsfilm

InstaFave Friday: Just Be You

FilmInstaFave Fridayinstagram October 28, 2016

indiefilmlab_james_tevin_ @james_tevin

indiefilmlab_melinejeannephoto @melinejeannephoto

indiefilmlab_jryanpaz @jryanpaz

InstaFave Friday: A classic

FilmInstaFave Fridayinstagram September 30, 2016

Who doesn’t love a good, black and white portrait?

indiefilmlab_trevorchristensen @trevorchristensen

indiefilmlab_wi2 @wi2

indiefilmlab_jasongraves_photography @jasongraves_photography

indiefilmlab_soheilbehroozi @soheilbehroozi

InstaFave Friday: Scroll-stopper

FilmInstaFave Fridayinstagram September 23, 2016

Scroll-stopper: an image or post that stops the seemingly involuntary, repeated motion of the upward thumb swipe

Y’all get it, right? Lisa Blume stopped our scroll and led us down a pleasure-fest over on her feed. Help yourself to a little peek too.




InstaFave Friday: A portion

FilmInstaFave Fridayinstagram September 16, 2016

Here’s to the moments that hold a little piece of our hearts.

indiefilmlab_scrottgravlee @scrottgravlee

indiefilmlab_laurenjollyphoto @laurenjollyphoto

indiefilmlab_johnhdwagner @johnhdwagner

indiefilmlab_hollycauresma @hollycauresma

indiefilmlab_aliza_rae @aliza_rae

InstaFave Friday: Wide Open

FilmInstaFave Fridayinstagram September 9, 2016

Getting to the weekend and wide open options.

indiefilmlab_yanpalmer @yanpalmer

indiefilmlab_ggabriella @ggabriella

indiefilmlab_beefowl @beefowl

InstaFave Friday: Sail away

FilmInstaFave Fridayinstagram September 2, 2016

@_zitounah and all the beauty he’s making on Portra400 is fuel to the fire for a little wanderlust. Enjoy!







InstaFave Friday: Recap from this week (and crazy grateful)

FilmInstaFave Fridayinstagram August 26, 2016

It’s rad share all the posts tagged #indiefilmlab each week over on the awesome Instagram. But leaning back in our chair and taking in all those squares full of images is not shy of overwhelm. Wow — how crazy grateful are we to process, pass along and share in this with so many of you one frame after another. Recapping this week alone as a reminder.


IndieFilmLab_@cathrinetaylor @cathrinetaylor

IndieFilmLab_ @alveoli_photography @alveoli_photography

IndieFilmLab_@yanpalmer @yanpalmer

IndieFilmLab_@anggapermanaphoto @anggapermanaphoto

InstaFave Friday: Just keeps getting better

FilmInstaFave Fridayinstagram August 19, 2016

Last week’s faves were full of figures that pair up beautifully for life. We’re back with a few more frames that captured our heart.