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Indie Scene: Bridal shoot by Deisy Photography

FilmNewsPublished January 25, 2016

Congrats to Deisy Photography. The subtle sass makes this bridal portrait pretty fun. Check out the full post on Glamour & Grace.





See y’all at Fieldtrip!

FilmIndie LifeKodakNews January 6, 2016


We are excited to announce the Camera Rental Booth at Field Trip ( @yeahfieldtrip ) again Feb.22-26 in beautiful El Capitan Canyon, Ca. This is one event you really do not want to miss. Indie will be hosting a film camera booth for anyone who wants to shoot a free roll of Kodak film (@kodak_photo) and free processing by us. The awesome Samy’s camera (@samys_sb_rentals) from Santa Barbara will be loaning us around 15-16 medium format film cameras for you to shoots or free!! Last year we had a killer selection of Hasslelbad, Contax, Mamiya and Fuji. Keep an eye out for the camera rental schedule! Hopefully we can see you there!

You can use coupon code: INDIE50 when you sign up to get a $50 discount off enrollment!

Introducing… Mobile Previews!

Newssocial June 5, 2015

Indie Film Lab – Mobile Previews from Indie Film Lab on Vimeo.

As photographers, we are more likely out shooting and creating than being in from of our computers, so we’ve decided to create “Mobile Previews”! With Mobile Previews you will have access to your scans on your mobile device via text message! All you have to do click YES to “Please send Mobile Previews…” section on our new order form!

Once your order is complete and the high res files are uploading, you will receive a text message with a link to your Mobile Preview Gallery! We have heard for years how bummed you guys get when you are away from your computer when your scans are ready… this feature will allow you to receive a gallery of your scans on your mobile device! We are super excited about this feature and have tested it with a few of you guys, and response has been amazing! Look forward to making your experience with us the best it can be, we love you guys and if you have any questions feel free to give us a shout!

Cinestill film in 120 – Kickstarter!!

FilmKodakNews October 20, 2014

Cinestill 120 is almost here! We have had the pleasure of shooting this new Cinestill film, and it is incredible. What Cinestill has done has brought the quality of medium format, in a high speed tungsten film.

Creating a new film stock and getting it into full scale production is no easy task, but with the help of the film community and kickstarter Cinestill 120 will soon be available worldwide!

Cinestill 120 is exciting in so many ways. Cinestill is changing the still film photo world using Vision 3 technology in an 800 ISO TUNGSTEN film which isn’t available anywhere else.  As you know shooting under tungsten light can be tricky and sometimes hard to color balance. With Tungsten film, it is MADE  for Tungsten light and is easier to color balance for natural looking skin tones. With Cinestill in the 120 format it will also have finer grain and smoother tonal range. Pretty awesome, right?!


Visit the Cinestill Kickstarter HERE for more information and to help support this exciting new film!




Cinema films for still photogaphers:

CineStill 800Tungsten is a high speed, ISO 800 (up to ISO 3200 with push processing) color film, created for still photography in low light. It is currently available in 35mm, and due to its growing success and overwhelming demand for a medium format version, we are looking to the film community to invest in the future of film and fuel the analog renaissance!

Currently, photographers have very limited options when shooting in artificial light. CineStill 800T is the only high speed color film currently made that is compatible with incandescent/tungsten light. No other still photography film produces such natural color and fine grain when shooting in tungsten light. Not only can you expect good color in low light, 800T can even be pushed up to ISO 3200 and be trusted to produce beautiful results! This opens up a whole new world of shooting possibilities for photographers, allowing them to shoot with the cameras they love in limited available light or in the studio with continuous hot lights, similar to those used on the set of a motion picture film. The unsurpassed quality and cutting edge technology used in cinema film gives 800T amazing exposure and color latitude, allowing extreme flexibility when shooting in mixed light or even in daylight without any filtration, producing excellent color and tonality in nearly any lighting situation!


Here are some examples form Cinestill’s new 120 film.













A few changes to our negative holding system.

FilmNews May 14, 2014

To all our lovely clients: Due to lack of space, we are forced to make some changes to our negative holding policy. If you currently have negatives being held with us, please contact us with your shipping address and permission to charge your account for the shipping amount, so we can return your film negatives to you. If you do not wish to have your negatives returned, we can discard them for you.  Email if you have any questions. Thank you!!

****Some shipping costs may be adjusted depending on how many negatives/orders you have on file with us.

****International clients: Please give us your complete address, or contact us for specific details and instructions.

For more information on our hold system click here.

Again, contact us with any questions.

Artist Spotlight: Ashley Kelemen

Artist SpotlightInterviewKodakNews April 7, 2014


It is time for something new. You see their work on the internet or in magazines, but we want to know a little more about the individual behind the lens. Everyone has discovered photography in a different way. Everyone has taken a different path to get to where they are now. Lets learn a little more about their story.


Today we are talking with Ashley Kelemen. Ashley is a fine art wedding photographer currently based in Costa Mesa, CA. Ashley is a fun, passionate person and it shows in her work. We are excited to be a part of her process.

IFL: How did you get started in photography?

AK: When I moved to New York, I fell in love with the city and found myself constantly in awe of everything I saw every day. In essentially the first creative endeavor of my life, I started a tumblr with iPhone shots around the city.That naturally evolved into something much bigger, documenting travel & life, and ultimately introduced me to a huge community of photographers around the world. They encouraged me to pick up a real camera, and within a few months my good friend Alice handed me her Contax. That was pretty much the end of the life I knew.

IFL: If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be doing?

AK: I spent several years working in the Fashion industry, and now that I’m out, I realize it was never the right fit for me. At this point, I think I would want to get into a business marketing field. I’d love to work with creatives to better navigate the business world, and to have the confidence to actually support themselves with their art.

That, or a marine biologist, but I was a terrible student…

IFL: Why shoot film?

AK: At first, I fell in love with it for the aesthetic, the soft colors and the way it handled light. I still love it for those reasons, but as time has gone on I’ve realized how much it changes the way I shoot. Each image means more, and it challenges me to pay attention to everything in my frame with each shot. It has completely shaped me as a photographer.

IFL: How do you feel about the direction the photography industry is going?

AK: It’s easy to worry a lot about the vast number of entry level wedding photographers providing cheap, fast work and delivering absolutely everything, rather than the best of the best. I see it changing client expectations without an emphasis on quality, and somewhat eroding part of the wedding industry. That said, I think there will always be a market for truly great wedding photographers. There are enough clients with taste and an eye for art, who are looking for beautiful imagery, and a thorough understanding of light and movement. Long term, I do see clients remembering the value of good service, beautiful packaging and a collection of images that are album worthy and stand the test of time.

IFL: What’s inspiring you right now?

AK: Recently, I’ve stopped looking at what’s being done by my fellow wedding photographers. There is so much talent in this industry, and it’s easy for me to focus on what work I’m not doing, who is getting what weddings, working with which vendors, etc. and that ultimately prevents me from growing as an artist. Instead, I’m looking outside of weddings. I’m looking to graphic designers for an emphasis on balance and color. I’m looking to the incredible people I get to call friends, like Ryan Muirhead and Alice Gao, who help me to see differently and to ask the hard questions about my images. And I’m looking outside, because the more time I spend in front of the computer, the less I find to inspire me.

IFL: Where is one of your favorite places (geographically) to shoot?

AK: Travel shapes who I am, and how I live my life. Discovering the world through my camera has been the best part of photography for me. So honestly, my favorite place to shoot is anywhere new! I haven’t been to Africa since five years before I ever picked up a camera, so I’m currently dying to get back there to shoot.

IFL: Whats your favorite film stock right now?

AK: Portra 160 is my go to for color, and Tri-X for black and white. I’m a creature of habit so when I fall in love with a film, I will almost always pick up the same one.

IFL: If you could photograph anything in the world, no limitations, what would it be?

AK: Oh man. If I could, I would spend all my time photographing the disappearing animal species around the world. Having seen cheetah’s run through Tanzania knowing that it’s something my children might not see, and swimming with blacktip reef sharks in Thailand, and visiting the sun bear sanctuary in Laos…the list goes on and on, and it breaks my heart. I’ve been lucky enough to see things that won’t be around forever, and if I could leave a record of those in some way for future generations, I would feel so fulfilled.

IFL: If somebody discovered a book of your work, or a box of negatives, a hundred years form now, what would you want them to take away from it?

AK: I would want them to feel that they had gotten to know me, to know a piece of my messy world and to know that I had spent my life capturing love from an honest place.




You can see more of Ashley’s work here:

Website // Facebook // Instagram

4×5 processing and scanning beta stage is here!

FilmLarge FormatNewsUncategorized January 6, 2014

Hey everyone,

We are proud to announce we are in the beta stage of our Large Format processing and scanning.  We offer process only for 4×5, 5×7, and 8×10, and process and scanning for 4×5.  Beta prices for process only for all sizes is $5 per sheet, and process and scan for 4×5 is $20 per sheet.  We are starting with this stage to test the waters and develop a system that works best for you, and us.  For more information or an order form, email us at



FilmFuji FrontierNews January 3, 2014

Well, 2013 is a wrap and its been a fantastic year here at the lab.  We have gone through some changes, got to see and do some exciting things, and best of all, we had the privilege of working with some of the best artists in the business.

From driving across the country in an RV, to making a documentary about film and why we shoot it, to moving into a new location, to getting all new processors, 2013 has been good to us.

Some of the things we are excited about coming up this year are:

  • IFL heading out to Las Vegas for WPPI in March
  • We are now entering the beta stage for 4×5 processing and scanning
  • New dip and dunk processors
  • We are still growing our team and loving film more than ever

With these new processors, we are excited that turn around times will be speeding up in the near future.

Thank you to all of you for being patience in this time of growth.

For information about 4×5 processing and scanning, drop us a line with the subject “4×5″ to




Long Live Film – A Film Documentary

FilmKodakNewsUncategorizedvideo November 15, 2013

Earlier this year, Indie Film Lab took a trip from Montgomery, AL to Las Vegas, NV for the annual WPPI trade show.   After we decided it would be more interesting to travel via RV than plane, we started planning our trip around the places we wanted to see.   Originally, we had an idea to create a 5-10 minute video of our trip, for fun, then Kodak came on board and our project has turned into a 47 minute feature.  The film has now turned the focus less on the trip, to more on the photographers themselves and why they shoot film.  We can’t thank Kodak and all our friends who helped and supported us and our project.   We hope you enjoy the film and are inspired to create things you truly care for, in a way you are truly passionate.   Long Live Film.


-Indie Film Lab



Here are a few more images from our trip.


Josh Moates


Luke Lindgren


Nick Drollette


Alan Evans


Matt Robbins

Southern Weddings Volume VI

FilmMagazineNewsPrintingPublished November 14, 2013

We are so excited to see our friends in the latest issue of Southern Weddings.  Here are some of the featured images from Ryan Ray, Trent Bailey, Nancy Ray and Lauren Kinsey.  The entire issue is amazing, this is just a sampling.  Go pick up a copy!


Ryan Ray //


Nancy Ray //


Trent Bailey //


Lauren Kinsey //

All images pictured were processed and scanned by Indie Film Lab.