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Down to Business: Printed products

FilmIndie LifeInterviewPrinting September 30, 2015
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There’s an abundance of heart in what happens between our trigger and the images we share with clients. Sometimes they sit waiting on digital media without the privilege of getting out in front of eyes and making a place of permanence in our clients’ lives. Lauren Kinsey gives us a few thoughts and the reasoning behind why printed products are a large and no-compromise portion of her of the heart of her business and client experience.

From Lauren Kinsey:

My friends and family call me an “ old soul” because I place a lot of value on the tangible and how important that is to the overall experience. If you think back to when our parents and grandparents were married, they didn’t have their photographer turn over a disc of images or USB drive to them—they had printed photographs and albums. How important it is to slow down and be able to sit down with those you love and look back at a printed photograph. It’s sad to me, as a photographer, that we have gone away from that idea and let our clients experience everything through a screen.

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Our society has evolved to be digital-based, how do you balance your desire/affection for the printed piece with the demands of the digital world?

From the first conversation I have with my clients, I am very candid with them about my desire to deliver printed photos to them, and why. When we talk about these things, they begin to see that there is so much value in having printed photos, and the disc becomes secondary to them in their mind, because they now have an heirloom piece that they can pass down to their children.

What feedback have you received from clients on your process/products?

By and large, this is the most favorite part of my process for both myself and my clients. When they open their box, it’s presented like a gift that they are opening. I get so many excited calls and emails about how much they loved receiving their photos and spreading them out on their living room floor or kitchen table and reliving their wedding this way. Even now, years later, I still have clients that make it a yearly tradition to look through their photos on their anniversary. It’s incredibly moving to me to hear this from my clients.


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The statement on the heirloom portion of your site sums up so much so simply. At the heart of my work is the belief that we should value the process and the tangible. I have carefully curated a full line of beautiful products that every client receives as part of their wedding and portrait collections.

How did you choose which products to include in your collections?

A lot of trial and error. I only present to my clients the things that I would love to have in my own home and what speaks to me. I try and choose products based on how my heart feels when I see them and hold them. There are a lot of beautiful products on the market though, so this process is always ongoing for me.

What prompted you or helped you know including heirloom pieces was a must for your collections? Do you edit collection pricing to not include them?

Printed photographs have always been included in some form in all of my collections from the inception of my business. Before I was born, my maternal grandparents lost everything they owned in a fire. All they had left were the clothes they were wearing on the day it happened. When they began sifting through the remains of their home, they were able to recover a few charred photographs, and one of those photos hangs in my home now. It’s a constant reminder for me of how important my job is, and why I do what I do.

Do you select images for clients? Design albums?

I will recommend my favorite images for print and display. For albums, I do design albums, but I allow my clients to pick their own images, but I usually recommend that they limit the number to 50 or less images, so the album tells the story of the wedding without being too visually overwhelming.

What’s your favorite part of the print-selection and/or packaging process?

Packaging prints for delivery is my favorite day. I send out thousands of printed photos each week, so it takes a full two days to sit down and sort images, package and ship them.

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If a photographer feels it’s the right move for their business, how would you encourage them to begin the process and communicate that to their clients?

As with anything, and not just in regards to whether or not you offer prints, don’t be afraid to speak passionately and from your heart about why something is important to you. If you feel lukewarm about it, your clients will too, and won’t place as much value on it. If it’s something you have a deep conviction about, suddenly you will feel more confident in talking about it, and your clients will reciprocate that. Whenever I’m on the fence about something, I sit down and really think about why I am doing it, and if it’s something that I don’t feel 100% confident in putting my name on, I won’t do it.

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FilmPrinting August 6, 2015

We believe in you guys more than you know! If you can’t hear the oohs and ahhs all the way from the South to wherever you are as we’re loading in scans, now you know. Indie founder Josh Moates started this whole thing from a passion to shoot film himself and make it work for his business’s bottom line. Thanks @kristinmyoung for this little love note via Instagram. It made our day, week and month!


30% off Fine Art Prints + Address Change!

Printing April 22, 2015

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Tell us a Story, Max Power.

FilmPrinting June 16, 2014


We have received so many incredible entries and stories for this project. It was hard to select just one, but here we have it. Max Power is our first Storyteller. We can’t wait to see how Max captures and tells this tale.

Thank you to everyone who submitted. We loved every single one and will be keeping them for consideration for our next Storyteller contest.  More info on the project in the months to come, but for now, here is a sneak peek of Max’s story.


“The story I want to tell is bigger than just one person. It’s the story of all the small cogs in the sophisticated machine, the humble acts that create far-reaching ripples and the detailed strokes that paint the portrait worth framing. At face value, this project is a look at the individuals of my community, but through a wider lens, it’s a portrait of OUR community, our global community.”  -Max Power


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Southern Weddings Volume VI

FilmMagazineNewsPrintingPublished November 14, 2013

We are so excited to see our friends in the latest issue of Southern Weddings.  Here are some of the featured images from Ryan Ray, Trent Bailey, Nancy Ray and Lauren Kinsey.  The entire issue is amazing, this is just a sampling.  Go pick up a copy!


Ryan Ray //


Nancy Ray //


Trent Bailey //


Lauren Kinsey //

All images pictured were processed and scanned by Indie Film Lab.

PRINTS! Yes, we do that too!

Printing March 4, 2013

Hey guys, In this digital world we live in it is easy to look past printing. Recently I wanted to surprise a friend of mine with some really cool matte prints of a session we did. Once I got the prints in I just stared at them, like for hours. Why? because we aren’t used to seeing our work in prints.

To me, print in hand is photography. We are used to seeing our photographs on a computer monitor, nothing wrong with that, but printing your work for your clients will set you apart. We offer beautiful high end Hahnemuhle fine art prints on photo rag paper and of course we offer matte and lustre prints with borders for around $.25. I truly love the matte paper for my film shots , there is something about that paper that goes hand in hand with film. Give us a try, fast turn around times and shipped to your door! Wanna see these papers in person? Shoot us an email at with your Name and Address and we will mail you a print sample pack for free. It will have Hahnemuhle, Lustre, Matte and Canvas for you to check out!

My Grandma used to say you don’t have a photograph until you have a print. 😉 To get started check out our print page.   Thanks for listening and get to printing!!

We use Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper.

FilmFuji FrontierPrintingreview August 11, 2011

This video is mainly about how we LOVE Hahnemuhle fine art paper… I have been printing on this paper for 4 years, LOVE it, especially when I’m Printing one of my Film shots. They go hand in hand. I also wanted to show how big you can print with a large 35mm scan from us ( the ex large scan is even bigger ). Although Im confident you can print bigger with no issues. Just Check out the video wuld ya. :) Hit me up if you have any questions or want a sample print..