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InstaFave Friday: Space

Filminstagramsocial October 9, 2015

Sometimes it pays just to keep it simple.
Enjoying these shots composed with wide open space.














Get Movin’

Indie Lifeinstagramsocial September 23, 2015

IndieFilmLab_fallguideGOOD THINGS: 1) Leather-wrapped coffee mug 2) Twig Co. camera 3) Campfire candle 4) Travel bag 5) Holga shirt

Fall is officially upon us. Daydreams of popsicles and swimsuits are slowly (so slowly for some us) finding replacements with the promise of changing leaves and more hours to sit fireside. We’re sinking into morning routines and evenings of light leaving us early.  If you’re not feeling it just yet, it’s okay. Day 1 has room for sandals and a fruity cocktail still. Humor us though. Check out these finds and let us help put some shake in your corduroys. To everything there is a season, and we’re greeting this one with a new Indie Film Lab Get Movin’ playlist to make mornings and afternoon lulls something to dance about.

Head over to Spotify and jam along with us. And give us a shout on Instagram at @indiefilmlab to share your favorite tunes with us. We’ll add them to our playlist!

Introducing… Mobile Previews!

Newssocial June 5, 2015

Indie Film Lab – Mobile Previews from Indie Film Lab on Vimeo.

As photographers, we are more likely out shooting and creating than being in from of our computers, so we’ve decided to create “Mobile Previews”! With Mobile Previews you will have access to your scans on your mobile device via text message! All you have to do click YES to “Please send Mobile Previews…” section on our new order form!

Once your order is complete and the high res files are uploading, you will receive a text message with a link to your Mobile Preview Gallery! We have heard for years how bummed you guys get when you are away from your computer when your scans are ready… this feature will allow you to receive a gallery of your scans on your mobile device! We are super excited about this feature and have tested it with a few of you guys, and response has been amazing! Look forward to making your experience with us the best it can be, we love you guys and if you have any questions feel free to give us a shout!

Indie Film Lab Shindig! – Dec 7th

Filmshindigsocial October 27, 2014



Hello everyone! Indie Film Lab is throwing a little get together, you know, a lil shindig, on Dec 7th, 2014, and we want you to be there! Heres the plan: We are hosting an event, where folks could come enjoy film, friends, local live music and some good ol’ southern food, all while having fun and getting to know us, the lab, as well as other awesome photographers.

We will be meeting at Indie Film Lab, Dec 7th at 12-12:30, for some light snacks, as well having a handful of different film cameras on site for you to get your hands on.  Our good friend Ryan Muirhead will be hosting a lightwalk and photo Q&A from 1pm-3pm, then we will all head back to the lab to enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening in our courtyard.

This will include a big family-style homemade low country boil (google it), craft beer, live music, a film goody bag for all attendees and all the good times you can handle. The entire Indie crew will be there, as well as other local film photographers. We want to create a time where you can meet the lab team, as well as learn and chat with other film shooters, in a casual and fun environment.

To keep it casual, we are only offering 25 spots. So grab your camera, grab some film and reserve your spot before they are gone. :)

If this sounds like fun, and you want to come join us, get your tickets here!  Can’t wait to meet you guys!