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Film photography inspiration. A MUST SEE. BBC series The Genius of Photography.

Uncategorized August 29, 2011

Film photography  inspiration  art historyAbout 4 years ago, I stumbled upon one of the greatest Photography History lessons I’ve ever seen.  It was a BBC series called “The Genius of Photography”. Had ALL the greats in it, Bresson, Capa, … you know the greats…  it really is a killer inspirational video series that totally kept me watching one ep. after another. Here is the prob.  I cant find it anywhere, YouTube had the Entire series on this channell, but BBC blocked it . I understand copyright grounds, Im a photographer..I understand.  But I really think they should at least put it on their own site for donations. Its like the best Photo history class ever.  Anywho… Enjoy the few that are on and post a comment if you find this series anywhere.   Click on the image for a sneak peek of what the series was about.

Update: Geez I didn’t even look hard enough…  I found this link