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Indie Film who????

Uncategorized August 12, 2011

We are just a buch of Film hugging hippies. We really are pumped about this new revival of film. For real, we are all about it… Like I said In the vid, we didnt just sorta wake up thinking about starting lab.. thats crazy talk.. But, we wanted to share our Fuji Frontier with the world, Why Not, its a great machine and we only use it for the photographers at our studio. We got together and said, how awesome would it be to scan for other photogs? We all agreed it would be a killer day at the office to be hands on with this scanner and all these great photogs we see all over. We also wanted a place for people to send their film to and know that the CVS/Walgreens guys arent Flubn up your junk. Your Film is your art, your scans are your art. We Live in a Digital World… and That A/D analog to digial conversion is super important in todays world. Anyway, Ill shut up… Keep an eye on and we should be up and runnin in sept. Thanks,