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See y’all at Fieldtrip!

FilmIndie LifeKodakNews January 6, 2016


We are excited to announce the Camera Rental Booth at Field Trip ( @yeahfieldtrip ) again Feb.22-26 in beautiful El Capitan Canyon, Ca. This is one event you really do not want to miss. Indie will be hosting a film camera booth for anyone who wants to shoot a free roll of Kodak film (@kodak_photo) and free processing by us. The awesome Samy’s camera (@samys_sb_rentals) from Santa Barbara will be loaning us around 15-16 medium format film cameras for you to shoots or free!! Last year we had a killer selection of Hasslelbad, Contax, Mamiya and Fuji. Keep an eye out for the camera rental schedule! Hopefully we can see you there!

You can use coupon code: INDIE50 when you sign up to get a $50 discount off enrollment!