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Showing some love

Fuji FrontierMagazinePublished November 12, 2015

Get your hands on a copy of Southern Weddings’ newest release. Here’s a sneak peek at a real wedding from our client Ryan Ray and a feature photographed by our client Nancy Ray. Plus, there’s a pig! Thursday doesn’t need much more.

IndieFilmLab_SWV8_RyanRay01IndieFilmLab_SWV8_RyanRay02 IndieFilmLab_SWV8_RyanRay04


IndieFilmLab_SWV8_RyanRay05Photography by Ryan Ray


IndieFilmLab_SWV8_NancyRay06 IndieFilmLab_SWV8_NancyRay08 IndieFilmLab_SWV8_NancyRay09 IndieFilmLab_SWV8_NancyRay10

Photography by Nancy Ray