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Summer Love!

FilmIndie Lifeinstagram August 21, 2015

The summer season is sneaking slowly out of our lives in Alabama. We’ll be daydreaming over summer love soon enough.  Hot, humid temps hang around, but the hustle, bustle and juggle of back to school and more will snatch up all the long, summer days in the sun so instantly. Let’s linger in these days just a little longer, please y’all. Let’s let the simplicity of school-free days and water calling for a dip rule just a few more weeks. Close your calendar and squeeze the last little bit of summer with us!

Yan said it best (like she does): summer is trying to pull a disappearing act.



Squeeze the sun
Don’t trade summer’s free spirit for fall loves all at once. There’s so much more hopscotch, cold beer, pool-partying left in you— and we know it.



Bare your soles
Simple lives need simple means. Kick off your sneakers and put your toes in the sun, green grass or some cool ocean waves, if you’re that lucky. Shoes are a whole lot of trouble for days that are better left for doing a whole lot of nothing (and loving it).



Stop and smell the flowers
Share a little love with mother nature. She’s showing off big-time and it may have been a few weeks since there’s been an “ooh” or “ah” over something green—how easily we forget the happy, joy, joy of watching things bloom. Cut some branches, bring them inside and let nature’s beauty give you a little wink this weekend. You’ll thank us on Monday.


Do something on purpose
Hold off on rushing out of summer just yet! Let your heart soar and mind delight on just one more warm-weather adventure . . .


Awesome summer-love shots: Yan Palmer (y’all, she has it going on)