Welcome to Indie Film Lab, y’all!

Indie Film Lab is a simple lab dedicated to photographers that still love and believe in film capture.

Film is beautiful. Film is exciting. Remember Christmas morning when you were a kid?  Yup, that’s the feeling you have when you finally see your photographs.

Film has soul.  Film is a lifestyle.

The revival of film is strong and we understand that finding a lab that processes your film the way you want can be challenging.. We want to help you by being the lab that can deliver the scans you’re looking for, and that can deliver them consistently over time. We want to be your lab!

We have a  skilled crew and we use the Holy Grail of scanners, the SP-3000 Fuji Frontier and the Noritsu HS-1800, so drop us a roll in the mail and let’s start working on getting the look you want!

– The Indie Crew

The Indie Crew