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On the Road again

FilmIndie Life November 24, 2015

Hitting the road over and over this season is bittersweet. It’s a journey, but a chore. But at least it’s a chance to take in some great tunes. Check out these playlists over on Spotify from some of our buddies down south.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.32.38 PMImage by @GreatBearWaxCo


MADESOUTH // Flashback to May. Try out this collection of fun, funky and modern southern jams to get your foot tappin’.

GREAT BEAR WAX CO. / JAKE CARNLEY //  – Jake doesn’t let Mondays get him down. Got a long haul, load up his handful on Monday playlists. They do just fine on a Wednesday, Thursday or even a Sunday.

THIS IS AMERICAN MUSIC // Three and half hours. Fifty two songs. You’re set, folks. (Thanks, Jake for pointing us to this awesomeness!)


p.s. If you missed our Get Movin’ playlist, jam to it on Spotify here.



InstaFave Friday: Oh, love

Filminstagram November 20, 2015

The wedding images are still going strong! Have y’all checked out Lindsay Madden’s awesome posts this week? Swoon.






Artist Spotlight: Lindsay Madden

Artist SpotlightFilmInterview November 16, 2015



The darling Lindsay Madden is getting ready to take over our Instagram this week. Lindsay lives and works in the New York City and The Hamptons, photographing weddings there and far and capturing scenes in the stunning light of her big city on a regular basis. (Can you tell we’re a little envious?) One scroll through her own Instagram feed tells her tale—strolls with her dog and an affection for life lived sweetly, in demeanor and pace. She admits she often gets a serious case of wanderlust, and travel is high on her perks as a photographer after six years in business, but her favorite location by far is right on the couch with the two loves of her life; her husband and their adorable goldendoodle. Y’all check out her posts on our feed this week.



IFL – How did photography become a part of your life?
LM – I honestly can’t remember a time when photography was not a part of my life. I grew up in a household where everything was captured. From lazy Sundays at home to world travels and everything in between, my early life had quite the visual paper trail. My parents encouraged me to live in the present, but to never forget the past & I honestly believe photography is the best way to accomplish this.

IFL – What/who/where gets you inspired?
LM – True love, the world & beautiful light!



Mansion at Natirar Wedding- Lindsay Madden Photography



IFL – Why film?
LM – Film has depth. Film is romantic. Film can be imperfect. Film is honest. Film will always & forever be an extension of who I am as an artist.

IFL – What’s your favorite film stock?
LM – Fuji 400h. The way this film stock catches light is beyond words. It’s pure magic!


London Styled Shoot with Chic Weddings in Italy- photography by



Turks and Caicos Wedding-Destination-Wedding-Lindsay-Madden-Phot

IFL – Do you travel often for work?
LM- I travel about 40% of the time for what I shoot. I’m inspired by the world around me so when I am asked to photograph in places that take me around the world, I’m truly grateful.







What makes you feel awesome?
My family. Puppy snuggles. Sunshine. Belly laughs. Chocolate.

Favorite thing about your current home/town.
The energy, the passion & the attitude will always make NYC great. I’m lucky to live here.

What makes you dance? Do you dance?
I love to dance. In fact, I’ll dance to anything! My husband & I have dance parties in our apartment at least a couple times a month. It’s just the two of us, but it’s one of the things we do in our marriage that makes us blissfully happy.

Do your kids/family think photography is cool or nerdy?
While I don’t have children yet, I do have a dog that thinks photography is pretty cool.


More on Lindsay and her work here:
Website –
Blog –
Instagram – @lmaddenphoto


InstaFave Friday: Love is in the air

Filminstagram November 13, 2015

A new edition of Southern Weddings can get you all lovey over wedding images. Get an eyeful of these stunners.






Showing some love

Fuji FrontierMagazinePublished November 12, 2015

Get your hands on a copy of Southern Weddings’ newest release. Here’s a sneak peek at a real wedding from our client Ryan Ray and a feature photographed by our client Nancy Ray. Plus, there’s a pig! Thursday doesn’t need much more.

IndieFilmLab_SWV8_RyanRay01IndieFilmLab_SWV8_RyanRay02 IndieFilmLab_SWV8_RyanRay04


IndieFilmLab_SWV8_RyanRay05Photography by Ryan Ray


IndieFilmLab_SWV8_NancyRay06 IndieFilmLab_SWV8_NancyRay08 IndieFilmLab_SWV8_NancyRay09 IndieFilmLab_SWV8_NancyRay10

Photography by Nancy Ray

Catch us in Southern Weddings V8!

FilmMagazinePublished November 12, 2015

Catch our page in the new Southern Weddings V8. Needless to say, we’re pumped to support these ladies and their mission.

IndieFilmLab_SouthernWeddingsV8Featured image by Lindsay Madden

InstaFave Friday: All heart

Filminstagram November 6, 2015

Who is catching your eye this week? These heartfelt shots caught ours.


IndieFilmLab_GenelLynne Rivera@genellyne





Filminstagram November 3, 2015

Did you catch our #IFLWhyFilm hashtag project a few weekends ago? We got some thoughtful, killer and soulful insights into why folks keep picking up their cameras and choosing film. Check ’em out.


InstaFave Friday: Killer views

Filminstagram October 30, 2015

Iceland, PNW, Indonesia. Lenses are landing in front of some insane settings via #indiefilmlab.





IndieFilmLab_wirawan sanjaya@wi2


Filminstagram October 29, 2015

Did you catch our #IFLWhyFilm hashtag project a few weekends ago? We got some thoughtful, killer and soulful insights into why folks keep picking up their cameras and choosing film. Thanks for sharing.


IndieFilmLab_Lesteris Vaiopoulos